Why settle for anything less than the very best life you can have in every area of your life?

Renee Lindstrom coaches those who are longing for change. Many who are seeking will explore her programs, yet, it is those longing for change that commit and stay the course.   Those who choose to commit experience noticeable shifts in how they experience and enjoy life.  Those seeking are still comparing  and struggle for answers.   Many come back much later and share how now they get it!

Whether entering through the doorway of communication, movement, landscape or lifestyle, everyone  can  have profound shifts in their experience.  Many times these areas are integrated in sessions depending upon the need!  Functional movement is not separate from how one thinks and feels and it responds to the environment. 

Having someone to support you and your learning practice rather than agree with you is important if you are longing for change and willing to take action.  If someone agrees with you you many never have the incentive to take action and it could add fuel to the fire of discontentment.

missing piece

Is it difficult to make good decisions and manage everything?

Are you overwhelmed?

Have you lost your confidence and don’t know what to do? (in love, at work, with friends or in your community)

  • Coaching can be inspirational
  • It can transform the way you think and feel
  • Creates accountability
  • Helps one become who they  imagine themselves to be
  • Stop burning bridges in your relationships and build connections
  • Be a powerful communicator

If you don’t do something differently, you will  produce the same results. That’s just a fact of nature.

Who would benefit?

Those longing for successchange and transformation in any life area of  health, career, relationships, experiencing intimacy, home and  parenting.

Improving movement function for more ease, efficiency and increasing one’s potential physically, emotionally and mindfully.

Those wanting to make new life choices and change in direction at work, home in or in marriage. (knowing when to change careers, end partnerships with clarity and not by reaction to anger)

Anyone navigating work or family relationships, and moving through pain of unmet needs in disputes.

Those wanting to understand and be successful in a  hierarchical systems at work or in personal relationships.  (Understanding power over, power under and power with)

Those needing personal support and understanding the why’s when  going through separation and divorce.

Personal Testimonial: I know I would never have lived through this process of divorce for this long without your help and your confidence in my abilities to cope.  When I first met you, I was not able to function on my own in any capacity, and now I am spending most of my time taking care of the business of life, home-ownership, and self-care with my physical and emotional challenges….and with no support from family.  You have seen me through a period in my life I never thought I would survive. AP

Anyone going through loss in their life of a loved one, a relationship or job.

Anyone who has lived a solitary life and now finds themselves shut out of the system without family or friends when going through forced changes.

Ways to receive coaching:

One on One, in Pairs, or Groups

In Person – On-Line – PHONE

 How often?

Based on your personal challenge, success and growth goals:

Once a week

Once every two weeks

Learn how to be aware of the pieces in your story:

What is working, what is not working, what to change and what’s missing

Still doubtful and resistant?  Read the following  9 common reasons not to invest in yourself and make sure you read some of the outcomes of others who have had these same excuses underneath.

1. I’m not interested.

Are you, your partner and peers empowered by your connection and satisfied with your relationships? Are your interactions successfully executed and in the energy of gratification?

2. Everything is going fine, thanks.

Are you settled into a groove of accepting what life throws at you and not interested in connecting to how to enrich your life and bring aliveness to yours and others experiences?

3. I’m too busy now.

Are you too overwhelmed and coping just to get by?

4. I’ve heard this before, how do I know you can perform?

This is about your performance and finding new ways for increasing your success rate!

5. Who are you and what do you do?

I am an objective third-party that can translate the behaviors that are keeping you, your partner, peers and family from hearing each other and find mutual agreements for moving forward towards success!

6. What can you possibly teach me?

Your blind spots that are your weaknesses.

7. I’ve worked with a consultant before and it didn’t work.

That is no reason to give up and not find a person more suited to your unique needs.

8. I can’t afford your services

If this is the case, you can not afford not to have someone to support your increased success rate with employee and client relationships.

9. That all sounds great, but I have no money

Best time to invest in yourself. You are your own resource!

Can you afford not to invest in yourself now to plant the seed for your future?

Take the time to connect and find out how you can improve your own sense of empowerment and be successful in your relationships and business!

Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

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