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Creating health & wellness with focus on experience

  Energy goes where attention goes.

The tagline reads, “Living expressions is a statement of one’s focus of attention.”  A life lived is a reflection of  where one focuses their attention regardless of  whether one has set intentions and goals.

Some examples of hidden intentions in living expression:

  1.  Have you ever had the experience of sharing an important incident with someone only to experience the listener hijack the conversation away with a memory or idea that your sharing stimulated in them?
    • Your intention to be heard is not met
    • Their intention to listen is not met
  2. What about your physicality?  Mobility issues?  Weight issues?  No one would consciously become overweight or purposely create habitual movement behaviours that would reduce their mobility.  However, being unconscious to where one’s focus of attention is still creates hidden intentions.
  3.  Longing for something missing in your life that becomes unachievable due to the chaos of too many distractions and directions?  Without a flexible yet defined core, that organizes efficient use of time and energy, one is left in random chaos.  The mind thoughts become a herd of wild horses all competing for direction.

Renee uses a balancing template to ‘chunk down’ random behaviours to make them more accessible to change.  The purpose is for an easy learning system to create  balance and a happier life.  The basic template consists of breaking  life into 9 equal parts.  Here is a grid of these nine areas.

by Renee Lindstrom

The separate life areas are listed below.

Creating a pattern for learning the separate areas that make up life can bring more ease in responding to challenges by increasing ones understanding and and connection to choices that are being made.  Without a connection to the needs one is meeting in making decisions there is a lack of personal power and direction.   This disconnection creates a false belief of outside influences having power of control versus being empowered.   Renee uses this template to create new patterns of thinking and taking action in one’s life areas.

  1. Learning
    • Communication behaviours
    • Functional movement behaviours
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, functional eating, setting intentions
    • Connection to all living things
  2. Career
    • Career objectives or life path after retirement
    • Work relationships and communication
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, setting personal and community goals
  3. Community
    • Extended family, work and community networks
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, setting personal and community goals
  4. Roots
    • Transition to inter-independent first family relationships for healthier adult experienced in all life areas
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects
    • Acknowledging one’s ancestors to better enjoy being present in the moment and experiencing freedom to move into the future
  5. Health
    • Personal lifestyle objectives for health and wellbeing
    • Personal connection to interactive system of wellness with object to balance all bodies of influence:  physical, mental, emotional, beliefs, perspective and conditioning
    • Personal physical function & fitness:  body movement function and functional eating
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects, setting intentions
    • Health of the home and family
  6. Future
    • New life; children, adventure, inspiration and motivation for life
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects, setting intentions
  7. Wealth & Abundance
    • Quality of life; financial wellbeing and the law of attraction
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects, setting intentions
  8. Fame & Recognition
    • Respect and how one is received and held equally
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects, setting intentions
  9. Relationships
    • Significant partner relationships
    • Environmental influences:  surroundings, placements and objects setting intentions

Renee’s template and systems of experiential learning focuses 0n new ways to create and understand healthier life habits that includes unique integration  patterns for transforming the chaos of inner processing.  Ech focus point of learning is inclusive in consideration of all bodies of experience:  physical, emotional, mental, perspective, belief  and connection to all life.

Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

how it works

  1. Pick one or more of Renee’s cultivating awareness techniques or programs to explore guided patterns that tap into one’s natural  learning abilities.  Harness the power of experiencing and balancing right and left brains.
  2. Follow easy steps to book an integrative session or consultation.
  3. Meet with Renee and enjoy experiential integrative  learning to increase ease in your life for more ease, happiness and  joy.


Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Movement Sessions

Labyrinth Mindful Journey Experiences

Heart – Mind

 Awareness through Communication Sessions & Empathy Coaching Mediation Sessions

Personal Coaching Sessions


Awareness through Goals

Awareness with Life

Awareness through Space Home, Garden & Office Wellness Audits

Awareness through Eating Planning and Guidance

Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

Love learning through your experience

what to expect

@Insides techniques for cultivating awareness of functional movement, heart-mind connected responses and spatial influences are expressed through empathetic understanding of one’s innate learning patterns.  The focus of attention will be on exploring patterns of ease to move through any constraint to increase support, safety and strength physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cultivating Awareness

Patterns of functional actions in the world

  • At a Functional Integration® session you will be guided through patterns of movement to encourage your nervous system to relax and let your brain become consciously aware of new ways of being mobile.
  • At an Awareness through Communication Coaching or Mediation session you will experience a focus on understanding before speaking to increase the likelihood of being heard, seen and valued.
  • At an Awareness through Space Wellness Audit you will experience how your story can be changed through your surroundings in a way that increases personal wellness.

Cultivating Intention

Transforming patterns of actions in the world  

  • At  an Awareness through Goals and/or Eating Coaching session you will explore what you are longing for and create your dreams while expanding your levels of self-confidence and feelings of empowerment.

Cultivating Mastery & Balance

Transforming motivation and stimulus

  • @Insides Awareness with Life Master Program you will integrate and experience differentiation in all your moving and functioning parts that contributes to increasing an experience of inner connectedness, balance and self-confidence in the world.
Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

Happy Clients & Students

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Thank you for the amazing session which  helped me to better understand the pain and anxiety issues I’ve been dealing with.  Very insightful experience.   I felt way more relaxed Friday evening and I’m monitoring myself to help ensure I’m releasing tension and breathing properly.  Am impressed by it and by your skills.

D., Victoria, B.C.

Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

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