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how it works

  1. Pick one or more of Renee’s cultivating awareness techniques or programs to explore guided patterns that tap into one’s natural  learning abilities.  Harness the power of experiencing and balancing right and left brains.
  2. Follow easy steps to book an integrative session or consultation.
  3. Meet with Renee and enjoy experiential integrative  learning to increase ease in your life for more ease, happiness and  joy.


Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Movement Sessions

Labyrinth Mindful Journey Experiences

Heart – Mind

 InTouch Communication Sessions & Empathy Coaching Mediation Sessions

Personal Coaching Sessions


Urban Feng Shui Home, Garden & Office Wellness Audits

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Love learning through your experience

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what to expect

Insides techniques for cultivating awareness of functional movement, heart-mind connected responses and spacial influences are expressed through empathetic understanding of ones innate learning patterns.  The focus of attention will be on exploring patterns of ease to move through any constraint to increase support, safety and strength physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • At a Functional Integration® session you will be guided ithrough patterns of movement genitally to encourage your nervous system to relax and let your brain become consciously aware of new ways of being mobile.
  • At an InTouch Coaching or Mediation session you will experience a focus on listening to increasing understanding before responses to increase the likelihood of being heard, seen and valued.
  • At an Urban Feng Shui Wellness Audit you will experience how your story can be changed through the expression of your surroundings in a way that increases personal wellness.
  • At  Personal Intention into Goals Coaching session you will explore what you are longing for and create your dreams while expanding your levels of self-confidence and feelings of empowerment.

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Happy Clients & Students

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Thank you for the amazing session which  helped me to better understand the pain and anxiety issues I’ve been dealing with.  Very insightful experience.   I felt way more relaxed Friday evening and I’m monitoring myself to help ensure I’m releasing tension and breathing properly.  Am impressed by it and by your skills.

D., Victoria, B.C.

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