Body Connection

Movement Action & Behavioral Awareness Development:

A comparison can be drawn between the different focus of both Feldenkrais and Yoga.  Yoga is being told what the post is, and Feldenkrais is exploring that way into the pose through focus of attention that is through guided patterns of inquiry.





Feldenkrais Classes

Personal Integration with Feldenkrais

Mindfulness Walking

Sand Labyrinth 009

Integrating the introspection of Nonviolent Communication, the inquiry of Feldenkrais and the reflective movement of walking a labyrinth offer a natural way of balancing heart, mind, body and nervous system for deepening spontaneous soul centered experiences.  

The reflective walk of the labyrinth is one of the multiple life-skill development activities that can support deepened integration of Nonviolent Communication and Feldenkrais, while this integration can then turn life mazes into labyrinths.     




Labyrinth Workshops  &  Calender


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