14 Tips to a Better Love Experience

1.    Define your longing

If you are looking for meaningful love and finding phone sex, explore ways to satisfy your love needs.  This of course begins with defining what your needs are!

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2.    One Plus One Equals Two

If your inner landscape yearns for love, have you decorated your outer landscape for romance?

Does your personal space reflect your relationships intentions?

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3.    Romance, Play, Adventure, Affection, Intimacy

It’s all about the love! Start pursing love creativity. Find out what you love by considering objects, art, nature & materials to represent the essence of the value-needs you discovered on Tip #1. the aim is to represent your inner longing artfully in your personal space creating intention and connection to loves beauty.

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4.   Love is a full time job

Finding a loving relationship is a full-time occupation.  A love mate is our most important objective.  It is a goal we enter life with.  The love experience of our parents shape us.  It’s where we learn love either fills us with hope or hopelessness.  It is on our minds and what motivates us!

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5.   Relationship are on the physical plain

Relationships are the manifestation of your hopes, dreams and intentions.  The conscious or unconscious seeds sown will result in capturing a love connection. However, it is balance of your whole self that will determine the state of your experience in your relationships.

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6.   How you love is how you are loved

If you love through sex, you will be loved only for sex.  If you love for money, you will only be loved forever how long you have value to the financier.  If you love to be taken care of, you are loved until the novelty of loving you wears off!  However, if your clear on your needs in a relationship and your love is expansive, you will receive back deeper ever lasting love.


7.   Intimacy & Vulnerability  

Vulnerability comes from trust.  Trust grows from friendship.  Are you seeking gratification or longing for bliss?  if you choose bliss, practice friendship.  Enjoy making friends and the joys of bliss from exploring your shared values and sharing experiences.

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8.   Love is not a negotiation

Loves big vision is to cherish and be cherished which means to show and receive respect, kindness, acceptance, appreciation and more. It’s all about the dating, not the sex. Dating is the excitement and the romance. It is also the time to find compatibilities. The time to explore the jewel of connection that becomes the bond that keeps the focus of attention of you and creates a love bond that leads to joy in sex. Until you have this you are one of many.

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9.   Listen to your intuition

Meet new prospects in public in an easy, fun and lighthearted location. (Don’t stay on-line – take it public) Listen to your ‘first impression.’ What is your gut telling you? Can you be authentic and stay integral to what matters to you? Are you comfortable? Are they comfortable? Can you be yourself? Your goal is to find out if they are looking for a successful relationship or the novelty of attraction. A successful relationship is life enriching and the novelty of attraction becomes life draining and can become a fatal attraction.

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10.  Real-Time Face-time

Filling your date nights and getting out yet? In real-time you can experience how your date influences you and if they are interesting. On-line, not so much! On-line you may be distracted from your loneliness yet it doesn’t do much for the flirty side of romance. On-line profiles are misleading and untrustworthy that lead straight to the end-game. If you lack time to get out to meet and greet until something clicks and are seriously looking get a match maker or go to specific singles events!

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11.  The Connection

Your intuition will tell you immediately if you are in company with someone who is compatible if you are listening to it!  It’s all in the open gestures, comfortable friendliness levels, pitch of voice and eye contact.  One way of noticing compatibility is the language connection.  It’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it that might give you answers to the longevity of this relationship.


12.  ‘Easy Fun & Adventure’

Trying too hard by interviewing your date for your next serious relationship? Are you being interviewed for the next great lay? STOP! This can be the time to share experiences and find out what you have in common. Ease pressure by keeping it fun and turning meetings into great adventures.

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13.  Positive personalities most attractive

There are concrete studies that show people with positive personalities are seen as more attractive and are more physically appealing than those who are rude, negative and unfair. Is you glass half-full or half empty?

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14.   ‘Signs of Attraction’

Mutual eye contact is a sure sign of attraction. Brief glances catching each other’s eyes without turning away that may lead to other body signals. First stage of passion in relationships that will lead to second and third stages; emotional intimacy and commitment. If this is the partner of your dreams, enjoy this first stage of romance and growing excitement of passion.  Take your time and enjoy the foreplay without rushing it.   It is the easiest and greatest stage of any relationship and creates mystery and intimacy.  Too soon and it’s lost!

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Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Value-Based Communication Relationship & Life Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Founder of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations since 2010 & Greater Victoria Labyrinths since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Calendar Founder – 2014 & 2015

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