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Color Chart for a Fire Personal Growth Element

Have you discovered that your personal growth element is fire and now considering a Fire Element wardrobe and accessories?   If so, here is a color chart and 5 Element Chart that tells you what colors enrich fire and which ones drain or destroy fire.  If not do  easy calculation to find your personal element.

fire 1

A Fire Element has a range of deep, rich colors that include reds, pink,  purples and oranges.  A fire element can include a range of wood tones to their wardrobe as wood builds fire!  Wood tones are greens and browns.

The colors a Fire Element may avoid or use sparingly would be the  Metal and Water Elements.  Metal drains Fires and includes the  spectrum of Pastels, Whites, Grey’s and Metallic.  Water puts fire out and includes the spectrum of Black and Blue’s.

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