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Body Beautiful: Weight loss thru pragmatic experience versus idealism

Loosing Weight, finding joy and centering through growing awareness through food.  

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP

Somewhere along this journey I lost over 60 pounds, dropped 10 inches from around my waist and watched the bulges, then the pockets disappear and now the overall body weight is disappearing.  It continues…..40 pounds to go…….


Body Beautiful

At my heaviest weight it wasn’t a body beautiful experience for me.  Life was an effort.  It was work to pack my body around making it tiring.  I lost the ability to touch and feel parts of my body.  Joints had to work harder and they complained more.

Inside Outside Disconnect

The most disconnecting part of it was not having an inner self-image to match the exterior one.  Constant reminders of getting into spaces that once seemed easy changed as  these spaces became reflections of not fitting in so well.

At first my clothing was forgiving and expanded easily however the point of  resilient no return was reached and waistband cut in, legs didn’t go into pants easily and they no long slip up over my hips without struggle.

All the acceptance talk and “big is beautiful”  was a disconnect and didn’t support acceptance of a changed body shape and weight that was hindering physical ease and well-being.

How to Loose Weight by creating a Lifestyle Naturally

Two immediate ways Renee can help you with your weight loss are 

  1.  Coaching Options:
    • Turning intentions into goals
    • Goals Setting & Home Audit and Support
  2.  Food Consciousness Building & Education

Steps to Loosing Weight

  1.  Commit by connecting to intention (separate fitness intention for diet, they are not married and if necessary create a second intention for fitness)
  2.  Lifestyle assessment to guarantee it’s doable (remember diet extends into the kitchen, fridge, garden and grocer.  It doesn’t extend to the gym or track)
  3.  Choose a diet plan that’s right for you remembering to make it about you and not about the diet.  (Remember that if you choose a trending diet eventually you will go off it and then what? where is the learning integration?)
  4. Get support for keeping your intention and turning them into goals. (Remember a mentor, group or community can  motivate increase incentive to reach your potential)
  5. Acknowledge results with a coach or in a journal.  (Noticing change is the point of mindful awareness and expressing regret or celebrating versus beating yourself up is the new change agent)

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