Urban Feng Shui

One’s environment can support personal learning, change and presence in moment. Presence means learning to connect with with oneself in their surroundings that is mindful and attentive, not distracted by thoughts and worries.  

At Inside Awareness the  definition of environment  is threefold.  It encompasses the space you are in and surrounds you.  It is the interaction between two or more people and it it is also your posture.   

  1.  Surrounding – stimulates emotions  (agitated or peaceful)
  2.  Relationships – stimulates emotions & reactions (acting out on feelings)
  3.  Posture – stimulates how you take in the information you are receiving therefore how you react (rigid posture, rigid behaviour) 

One way Inside Awareness supports balance and a healthy lifestyle is through ones environment and urban spaces.  Our style is mentoring and coaching to co-create  whether it is a consultation, teaching or as a change agent.  Resources for connecting and deepening that connection to your environment are:  

  • Understand  the connection and balance inside and outside spaces

Learn about the influence of the environment on relationships using traditional Feng (Wind) Shui (Water)Cardinal Directions and 5 Element Theory.  Integrating  these techniques can create a supportive and healthily environment to enable reaching one’s potential and improve the quality of one’s experience.  This can includes home, office and garden.  

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  • Planning your environment to give you maximum pleasure and connection seasonally

Whether inside or outside it is important to plan for the changing seasons.  Outside different plants and trees will be at different stages of producing colors and textures and inside the change in light and atmosphere will stimulate the space.  Whether you have a landscaper or designer it is imperative that one is fully involved in the planning stages as the space being created affects the occupant not the designer.  

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  • Planning your landscape as a food source

Begin by building a bridge between you and the plants growing in your garden and on your street.  One way is integrating what is growing in your own garden into your lifestyle as a food source is through tea’s and edibles.  Finding  what plants you have that you can create teas and eat can be nourishing and nurturing, and your garden will start becoming one that reflects wellness and beauty!  The quality of connection to your own internal support  system for groundedness and sense of safety will expand.   

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  • Your garden can replace the medicine cabinet & make up counter

Co-create with your plants and increase your health and well-being.  If you are adventurous you can begin by choosing a few medicinal or edible plants to introduce into your day to day life by including them into your flavored waters, salads, recipes, teas and making your own remedies.    These remedies may be oils, tinctures and infusions.  

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Check out Renee’s evolving natural backyard food, tea, health & beauty educational resources – Living as tho’ Nature Mattered

Here are some ways you can check out more information on how you can participate in learning simple ways to balance and deepen your engagement with your surroundings:

Connect – Calendar


Personal Perspective by Renee Lindstrom, Inside Awareness
I believe that becoming healthy and balanced is a lifestyle change versus trying to find a cure that has become a cultural norm. If you research nature in your own block you will find many plants and trees have the attributes of the supplements, minerals and vitamins we buy at the store and are missing in our diets that could be a contributor to ill health. However the natural ones are more in alignment with one’s body and able to be easily introduced and digested by the body and not just eliminated like store bought varieties.
The plants growing in ones neighborhood also make a difference when one is sharing the same growing space combined with picking it and preparing it. there are no other hands touching it, processing it or shelf life. No chemicals in it or in the processing of it.
Combine this with using these products as body care. Our skin is a major organ and anything put on it is absorbed and is ingested into the body.
When I had a scare when the kids where babies, I had all the mercury fillings taken out of my mouth, went on a metal detox that included the brain, took all chemicals, cleaners and paints out of my home, took infra -red saunas, bought a specific water filter, researched and began taking Avena supplements that are designed to be compatible with the body’s electrical system. It was a commitment and expensive at that time. I was lucky and learned a lot in the process.
It’s my opinion that culturally we could focus more on lifestyle as a means for an overall healthier society.


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