Manifesting dreams by changing inner dialogue

Trust in the future is when you are connected to, or learning, your intentions from the inside out …..

In a previous post I mentioned how the experience of the first eight months of this year has increased my focus on a couple of life areas that I hadn’t given much attention to in past years. One was my relationship of a significant other and the second was having space that felt like my home.

What I had been experiencing in those two life areas came from neighbours. One was an older married man who became a stalker and a large family next door who turned out to be a part of a bigger family circle of whom owned the house I was in. It was an unwelcome experience that lacked boundaries and became what I can only call as having watchers. I also had to insist they stay off the property as my office was located off the garden which resulted in a level of hostility in the masculine householder that was at a level not appropriate for the circumstances. They felt an ownership over the property. I simply wanted my clients to feel comfortable in movement sessions.

Even without clarity in these two life areas, home and relationship, I did include them in my own goals for the last few years in a sketchy way. The universe must have been listening as last fall a bomb blew up my lifestyle. That bomb was the stimulus to forcefully manifest some long term goals that I had been considering for two previous years yet couldn’t see a way forward and was stuck. I hadn’t anticipated fulfilling them would be out of my control or dramatic as it was. I am thankful that this blow up was my residence and business location and not my health. The universe has its own wake up calls.

I am also grateful I made a decision not to lock into something in fear and make immediate commitments. I still didn’t have a dream. When the bomb blew up it stimulated inner questioning of a third life area, my own career and it’s direction. I took a leap of faith and an attitude of seeing what came to me. I was open to anything being possible. This became a discovery of who I am, and what I can do.

I had three life areas that represented stability all without a hard focus; home, career and relationship. All three are the cornerstones of groundedness and stability. These three areas reflect basic needs for survival; shelter, food and water, and any one of them would influence the other six life areas; wealth, health, future, spirit/knowledge, community and fame.

Now preparing materials for others to put their next year intentions to paper I began reviewing my own. I get how transitional this year has been so far. Yet I have discovered a new dimension of integration of my own dreams into a core experience, while simultaneously believing in them as though they have actually happened. It’s a new way of manifesting them. Like attracts like. All these years of emphasising this to others to try and challenge their resistance for taking actions and now here is my own experience of it. This time with a deeper personal connection to this statement. I have finally found the piece that has been missing for me in that popular nineties philosophy – the law of attraction.

What I am most proud of is how the guidance is a pattern for creating a new inner language. By following the program over the years since developing it myself, it has created a new inner way of speaking that I can describe as one of achievement. One that makes things possible. There is no trying or effort. It is simply a pattern of learning that appears can change the inner dialogue process. I am ecstatic to experience this new dimension of being able to manifest from a core level of connection to myself that is not influenced by mainstream ideologies.

I write about a concrete example of this direct core action in Finding my breath and motivation after COVID (?) has been like creating lemonade from a lemon.

I am reminded that this is what I mentor to others. Now connecting to this dimension for manifesting dreams myself I look forward to being able to support their deeper connections to actively becoming their own intentions.
Being in a circle with one of my mentors in 2004, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Phd & Author of Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life, I reflected on his question on where we as individuals could see ourselves taking these teachings. I knew in my heart that I wanted to integrate this language into the somatic journey of the Feldenkrais® Method of Somatic Education. In Feldenkrais there are two ways of offering movement education we call Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration. Each one is focused on patterns for the participant to become self-aware versus being told what to do. One is hands on called FI for short and the other are group lessons called ATM for short. This goal program that I call Awareness through Goals is an added functional dimension of human behaviour and the missing piece in the Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education for me. It is the development of inner dialogue that becomes thinking and ways we communicate. By following the goal pattern one integrates universal values into their very conscious way of being from which all action springs from. Marshall it’s taken close to two decades to achieve this. I hope you and Robert Gonzales are watching over and smiling your approval.

The only way to change is action

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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