ATE: 4 more starting points to eating for all moving parts

This second starting point goal is an important consideration.  As a child I remember having dinner at 5 p.m. and then not eating until the following morning at 7 a.m.  This is a 14 hour period of not eating and was a learned behaviour until I had children of my own and chose to demand breastfeed.  This choice led to an absence of time breaks between meals that eventually contributed to weight gain as I aged and my metabolism slowed down.

These hours between dinner and breakfast are now trending as intermittent fasting.  This is an example of something old becoming new again.  If you consider the root cause it is about unconsciously changing habits.  For me, as a practitioner, it is about commitment and action, not a trend.  If one commits, takes action and then repeats it for a little as one to two weeks it can form a new learned behaviour and lifestyle habit.

The only way to change is action  

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Healthy eating lifestyle integration programs to trigger your inner switch to ‘less in more.’ 

More on eating programs:

Be the Master Creator of your 2021 experience

Programs are practical and doable techniques of integration and experience of somatic education and functional integration as presented through the practice of the  Feldenkrais Method, Nonviolent Communication, Subtle Energy & Urban Feng Shui, and Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation.

@InsideAwareness Master Program Series


    • Investigate how surroundings can create success at home or office
    • Investigate movement awareness with a focus on function that can free up unconscious limitations

by Renee Lindstrom

Awareness Through Living Mentoring Programs Available:

 1st Level – Getting Started (Introduction & Pattern)
 2nd Level – Getting Intouch (Experiencing & Connection)
 3rd Level – Integration (Embodiment)

by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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