What is your intended project for tomorrows New Moon?

A new moon is the start of the moon’s new journey through the star formations.  Following the moon’s journey for turning intentions into goals is reflective of a  guided pattern for moving forward similar to walking a labyrinth.


Following the 8 phases of the moon can become a pathway for retraining behaviours based upon  held believes, stuck emotions and personal inabilities for organized actions.   Like a labyrinth it is a guide for cultivating conscious action which isn’t fickle, mean or judging.

Both these guided systems are a pathway forward for cultivating mental, emotional and physical balance and awareness through learning that goes beyond the conflict of past right and wrong memories and thoughts.  It is in present time, doable and productive.  The simplicity of these guided patterns increase ease, self-confidence and connection turning disconnection into felt-sense connection and effort into effortlessness.


Setting goals with the Moon

Imagine naturally shifting from hesitation to action spontaneously without thought, or hearing the power and control of someone’s perspective and simply letting it slide off understanding that it is a perspective that it not yours.  Why would it slide off?  Develop the resilience through the 8 phases would extend to increasing your ability to not take what others say personally.  You would begin to understand that they are expressing their interpretation in a tragic way of being an authority, however, not yours, changing your energy behind your actions sending them a message changing the interaction.  This guided pattern of learning action  increases self-confidence,  self-empathy and expands personal believes on oneself.

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Associative education began when eyes turned to the skies with intention to study the movement of the stars, sun and moon.  As first recognition was made of movement in the sky with the inclination to observe it, the study to associate  experience through the changing phases was begun.  Observing the sky and  shapes and designs of nature on earth was the start of organizing the brain to solve puzzles, duplicate what one sees with hand co-ordination (copy/memorize) and create math and science.   Observing the natural world and associating experience that was or had happened was the beginning of  interpretations and organized beliefs.

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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