Out of balance emotions & behaviours of Leo sign

Leo the fire sign

Leo is ruled by the Sun and this fire sign influences action.  In balance it reflects qualities of love, expression, creativity, fun, playfulness.

The needs of this sign are love, self love,  attention and loving family, and  community.

How behaviours of out of balance Leo may manifest

Fear:  Being unlovable, lack of being trusted

Fear Response:  Seeking Attention

Common Leo out of balance emotional statements:

  • “You don’t trust me.”
  • “I don’t trust you.”
  • “You don’t pay enough attention to me.”
  • “You don’t want my attention.”

Sharing ways to consciously align with this sign in earlier posts focused upon daily goal settingfoods to support emotional balance and physical movement to support the areas governed by Leo.

Now focus is on ways to process Leo’s reactions when out of balance.

The predominate perceptual sense of this sign is “seeing (vision).”

The need is expression and fame.

3 additional ways to balance Leo emotions  

#1.  Empathy – Awareness through Listening

  • “I don’t trust you,” can start with deeper reflection first before making any statements.  The feelings could be of jealousy, feelings of hurt or fear and the obvious need is for trust.  
More on empathy – Self-empathizing, Empathize with others

#2.  Language of connection – Awareness through Communication

  • Turn separation into moments of connection:

“I am disappointed when I  hear you say,  Mom, I went to a party last night after I promised to go to a friends to study.  Ken, I have a need for trust. ”  

 More on learning to speak with intention

#3.  Balance and calm Leo’s environment

Awareness of Space

Leo needs a castle to entertain and with the dominate sense being vision it is important to have a clutter free, clean environment.  Leo would like large beautiful and artful homes, offices and furniture that make a statement.

More on Creating a space using intention

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
 & Renee Lindstrom Live

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