Six ways to balance emotions & reactive behaviours of Gemini

This air signs has the gift of storytelling and loves clarity.  In balance Gemini qualities are excellent for communicating.  The needs in Gemini are for slowing down to learn, engage in a knowledgeable way and commit to choices.

How behaviours of out of balance Gemini may manifest

Fear:  Lack of Intelligence in self & others

Fear Response:  Nervousness

Common Gemini out of balance emotional statements:

  • “You don’t understand?”
  • “You’re not listening!”
  • “I am not stupid you know!”

In earlier posts three ways of supporting this sign focused upon daily goal settingfoods to support emotional balance and physical movement.

3 additional ways to balance Gemini emotions  

#1.  Empathy – Awareness through Listening

  • Self empathy and empathy for others can be as easy as learning to listen effectively (replacing habitual reactive responses)
  • Begin empathy feedback for Gemini with “I Her that you think…….”Or “I hear you say you understand……”


#2.  Language of connection – Awareness through Communication

  • Can be as easy as learning to turn separation into moments of connection (stop,right/wrong, blame, shame and critical statements)

#3.  Balance and calm Gemini environment – Awareness of Space

Gemini loves technology, art, cameras, books and writing kits that stimulates knowledge and learning.  Gemini hates clutter and needs space to move around in and simple lines to keep clutter free. More on creating a space to balance Gemini reactions.



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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
 & Renee Lindstrom Live


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