Calming decor accents for out of balance Gemini behaviours

Gemini influences our ability to learn, communicate, and slow down to fully understand.    Not only are qualities of Gemini thoughtful, they have Mercury’s magical influence.   Think Merlin, however now instead of  stargazing, technological devices, cameras, art, and books on how the world works would  satisfy Gemini.

The preferred styles of  Gemini is airy, open and simple with the absence of knick knack clutter.

A window to view nature would stimulate the intellect needs of Gemini

Gemini’s could spend hours observing nature through a window while indoor plants would be neglected.  Indoor nature would be welcome as long as there was no connection to being responsible for them.

The qualities of the Moon travelling through Gemini are understanding, flexibility, inquisitiveness, exploring, learning and clarity.  When out of balance the following behaviours are common experiences.  On the left internal actions are listed and on the right external actions are listed.

If these reactions are common experiences in your home or office it is time to explore  change.  One way is start with the environment.  Gemini reflects a thinker and a sign that enjoys a space for learning.  Use this signs attributes to  improve Gemini’s ambitions and relationships.

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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
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