Six ways to balance emotions & reactive behaviours of Aries


This fire sign needs are for strength, triumph, action, leadership, strong body and confidence.

How behaviours of out of balance Aries may manifest

Fear:  Weakness/Cowardice/isolation

Fear Response:  Anger/Violence/Demanding

Common Aries out of balance emotional statements:

  • “You started it!”
  • “Leave me alone!”
  • “I don’t need you!”

In earlier posts three ways of supporting this sign focused upon daily goal settingfoods to support emotional balance and physical movement.

3 additional ways to balance Pisces emotions  

#1.  Empathy – Awareness through Listening

  • Self empathy and empathy for others can be as easy as learning to listen effectively (replacing habitual reactive responses)
  • Begin empathy feedback for Aries with “You believe…….….”


#2.  Language of connection – Awareness through Communication

  • Can be as easy as learning to turn separation into moments of connection (stop,right/wrong, blame, shame and critical statements)


#3.  Balance and calm Pisces environment – Awareness of Space

Aries enjoys fiery colours especially red.  Muted colours are depressing for this sign.  A sign of competition and conquest can translate into a display of winning symbols to transform negative drive urges into creative and healthy actions.    Aries needs clean open spaces so does best in a clean and open environment with room to create, exercise and meditate.  Read more on some examples of Aries decor accents to support balance.


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by Renee Lindstrom, GCFP @ Inside Awareness,  Living in Natures Love Blog
 & Renee Lindstrom Live

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