Full Moon falls on our study into the value of fun!

moon-quartersThis week began with a growing moon and will end with a waning one.  Today it is a full moon and our suggestions are to connect to your inner sense that the seeds of intention that you planted on the New Moon are now growing!  It is done.  In  Inspired Goal Setting Integration Program we recognize this  phase as a time for appreciation!

At Inside we consider that your deeper more meaningful goals are your Purpose and is what is alive in you.  It is what brings life  to your  self  expression!

This week our suggestion is to explore your purpose in:

  • Movement – where is the starting point of your movement action?
    • explore sensing how you move and follow it back towards where it began!  Remember to get out of your head and don’t think about what you do or explain it. Feel it!   I will have clients and students answer, “I do yoga,” when asked this question.  What I am hoping for, when asking this question, is for inner sensing or checking into ones feelings of the actual movement function!
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  • Communication – what is the intention of what you are about to say?
    • Slow yourself down and think about what you are going to say.  How would you feel hearing exactly what you are going to say from your……..?  What is the main point your trying to express to them?  Your sentences can be the starting points of disconnection (not being heard) or connection (being heard). It all depends upon your intention and your awareness of what you are hoping for.
Classes starting now
  • Lifescape – does your space align with your intention for it?
    • Look at your living space or office and notice if it is supporting what you want to happen in your experience. For example,  if you have a partner and share a bedroom, would you want all your medicine on the dresser to remind you and them of impending illness or would you want something sleek and sexy?
Read quotes on the Value of Fun

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Why? Self-Esteem, Confidence, Trusting Self

Renee Lindstrom, GCFP,
Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, Value-Based Communication & Empathy Coach since 2004, Art of Placement  since 2000, Founder of Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations since 2010 & Greater Victoria Labyrinths since 2012, #yyj Peace Week Calendar Founder – 2014 & 2015

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