When would you paint your Front Door Yellow?

There are two yellow palette ranges for front doors. They are associated with the earth and fire elements.

Earth Palette range:

The best directions for a front door in either the  light yellow or ochre palette is  North-East and South-West .  A North-East facing entrance is the Personal Growth and Spiritual Doorway while the South-West is the Relationship doorway!


A  light yellow or ochre colored doorway can be used in the metal element directions of West and North-West. Light Yellow is considered an earth element shade and in the 5 element theory, earth supports metal.

Fire Palette Range:

The best direction for a deep and dark painted yellow door is South.  This South facing front entrance way is the Fame Doorway and it reflects Recognition.  The deep darker yellows can also accent the South-West  and North-East facing doorway as fire supports the earth element.  These two directions reflect the earth element.

More about Yellow in Design

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