Compass reading –  202.5 to 247.5 degrees

Feng Shui Cardinal Directions

A South-East  facing front door is considered to have a yang (masculine) quality to it. This direction reflects spring becoming summer and late morning.

South-East is the prosperity doorway and it’s direction  represents money and abundance.

It is considered a wood element that is reflected in the shape of an upright rectangle or in  colors of green and brown.

Enhancements to a South-East Facing Front Door

In element theory water and earth nurture and support wood elements.  Enhancements then can be made using these elements characteristics.   These are the colors of blue, black, light yellows and earth colors.  T shapes are low squares and irregular like water.

Avoid with a South-East Facing Door

It is best to avoid objects and colors of metal elements as metal destroys wood!

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