My own landscape is missing a visible pathway to the front door!


By Renee Lindstrom @ Inside Awareness

Choosing a property to rent sometimes does not fit all ones criteria.  This house has a front door that is a side entrance.  It also is missing a pathway to the front door.  Instead it has a narrow driveway.  Once a car is parked in the driveway it fills it up and access to the front door becomes blocked!  The original house number is black on the little metal black mail box and not visible along the front of the property.

Here are three ways I have implemented to overcome some of these obstacles in this house that are low cost and without a budget.  The only cost was the metal house number from a hardware store.  All other items pulled together from what I already had or grew abundantly in my gardens.

1.  House number – create a prominent visible house number from the front of the property.

2.  Color and articles at the front door to emphasis it and draw attention down the drive to the front door.

3.  Expecting clients/company I will leave the car parked along front street so driveway is open with easy access.

Read more on why front entrances are important

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