Enhancing My Own Visibility of House Numbers has unintended outcome!

20150720_092004-1-1-1-1-1By Renee Lindstrom

Renting a property without a visible house number and not wanting to invest and money I came up with an idea when seeing this old metal farm house mail box at a give away table.  All it required was white paint and some metal numbers to screw on.  The cost was my time and the numbers picked up from our local hardware store. I already had the white paint!

What I was not counting on was the confused mail man.  Here was a mailbox that originally I had on the ground with a flap that did not open and close and still the persistence of the mailmen delivering mail would find them making the effort to put mail in while ignoring the newer and easier accessing one at the front door!

Therefore a word of precaution, sometimes our ideas tho’ unique cause unintended outcomes!

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