• Guest Speaker, Sunday, Mar 1, Service starts @ 11:00 am


 Church of Truth

  • 111 Superior Street

Pisces represents endings of old patterns and the transition stage preparing for a new cycle of spiritual evolution as the soul returns in the energies of Aries.   The incarnation of Pisces is the struggle between the duality of personality and ones higher self .  With Pluto as its ruler there is action for the necessary destruction of old forms from previous incarnations so this renewal may take place.

Pisces area of interest is people and relationships with the quality to overcome emotional ups and downs.  The lesson to learn is the meaning of divine love.  A keyword to describe Pisces is, ” I Believe.”

On MARCH 1st the topic is ‘Dying of the old self .’ In the spirit of this topic the presentation will reflect upon the attitude of ‘learning to learn’ with the intention to introduce a concept of ‘going beyond what you think you already know with more ease and grace.’


RENEE LINDSTROM was given her Buddhist Refuge name, Karma Chodren, by the Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche in the late 90’s.  In the same time frame she began sharing Sacred Space Ceremonies and Talking Circles in the Greater Victoria Community.  She was a graduate from an Art of Placement training program based upon the principles of the Black Hat Buddhist Sect with focus on  Aboriginal and  European Geomancy traditions and rituals. In 2001 she began sharing a communication enrichment program for balancing relationship interactions using the late Dr. Marshal Rosenberg’s, (1934 – 1915) model of Nonviolent Communication.   Soon afterwards the scientific study of somatic movement became a focus of attention and she became a Certified Somatic Movement Specialist in 2007.  This is based upon the training system of Moshe Feldenkrais known as the Feldenkrais® Method. Currently Renee integrates contemplation, environment, relationships and movement awareness techniques in her educational and coaching programs.
Renee offers personal life, love, lifestyle & somatic movement awareness coaching and group educational programs.  She has founded yyj Peace Week Project in 2014, Labyrinths of Victoria in 2013, Greater Victoria Peace & Intercultural Celebrations in 2012 and created a Culture of Values Educational Program in 2011.


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