Checking in to connect first before preparing for the Holidays

green-decorative-ornament-mdA perfect way to end November’s cycle – connecting first to the meaning of the holidays before living them!


A glimpse into the afternoon: 

The Holidays of the past

guilt, pain, sadness, overwhelm, tiredness, disappointment, memories, grieving

2014-11-30 16.19.15


The longing for 2014’s holiday

beauty, heart-felt connection, joy, meaning, ritual, tradition, fun

2014-11-30 16.19.01

After clearing the clutter of holidays past, and checking in to the meaning of the current year, created a weekly plan for December that led to a personal intentional action statement:

“Remember the beauty, the heart-felt connection and the spontaneous joy that comes from meaningful action.”

A great activity for living your dream and exploring what the holidays mean to you! 


Join in on – Achieving your Goals 2015

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