6 Pointed Star or Two Pyramids


This design first appears on the cover of our book – Achieving your Goals.  The design describes the life combinations described in the diagrams below.  The first star represents the elements of fire, metal, water, wood and earth.  The second is the connection between man, woman and spirit and the third is a person’s balance in movement.

Star x 3

Balancing Strength, Flexibility, Movement and time in the shape of the Pyramid’s

The pyramid structurally is the strongest shape on the planet when the point is upright, and the most unstable when the point is down.  Notice these stars are created with two pyramid’s.  One is pointing up and one is down creating flexible strength through balance.  If there is no balance, there is  no flexibility and no strength.  There is  only weakness of division and tension.

In nature the elements move freely.  In relationships people aim for free and equal expression.  The human body  structure craves ease and reflects this in its own structural design of two pyramids. (Shoulders to pelvis and pelvis to feet)

Movement is an intangible living experience.  Once that becomes blocked by wo/mans behavior and need to make life solid and concrete.  These stars reflect the possibilities for exploring the intangible through combining experiential learning and timeless wisdom.

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