Have you set yourself up for failure or success in writing out your goals?

Goals are action requests of yourself!  You are longing for change in an area of your life and the goal you create is the challenge you make to jump-start and motivate this change.

How you word this goal sets you up for failure or for success, so take a moment and review how you have stated your goal.  Have you made a clear action request of yourself or have you made a generalized statement.  Lets use a popular goal of loosing weight.  If you have stated that your goal is to go on a diet, it is too general and not an achievable and doable action request.  Your setting yourself up to fail.  However, you could re-frame this by stating  your resolution is to lose x number of pounds per week/month or by a set date.  This request is now something that you can  now plan to achieve.

By Renee Lindstrom, January 1, 2013

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