16th Gandhi, King Season for Peace and Nonviolence ~ Theme: A World of Enlightened Action

With yesterdays news reflecting violence towards young children in their classroom, I felt an urgency to share this upcoming season for reflecting on personal techniques to support creating peace in our own personal worlds.

January 30 to April 4, 2013

 Contact in Victoria since 2010:  Renee Lindstrom

There have been 15 Gandhi, King Seasons for Nonviolence that have been held each year from

January 30- April 4, 1998-2012.  The 16th is coming January 30 to April 4, 2013.  This is an educational program that continues to create an awareness of nonviolent principles and practice as a powerful way to heal, transform and empower our lives and communities. Through an educational and community action campaign, we honor those who use nonviolence to build a community that honors the dignity and worth of every human being. We are demonstrating that every person can move the world in the direction of peace through his or her daily nonviolent choice and action.

The season is a 64 day educational, media and grassroots campaign inspired by the 50th and 30th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Spiritually-motivated grassroots leaders in over 900 cities in 67 countries carry out hundreds of events and projects promoting nonviolence each year. FREE to all participants: customized program templates, extensive resource libraries, artwork, organizing instructions, teaching guides, multi-media presentations are provided.

It is 64 days that offers 64 ways for creating a focus upon integrating nonviolence into your daily activities.

There are programs for adults, teens and children available to schools, organizations, faith groups and more.  PDF Attachments of programs attached. Classic programs are available to implement into your personal programs, classrooms, organizations, and faith groups.  If you wish to connect to join a community group, to volunteer or offer a progam Renee Lindstrom can be contacted at renee@insideawareness.com.

There is time for planning a program in the New Year!

Advisers include many distinguished authors and teachers of peace and nonviolence such as: Bernard Lafayette, contemporary of Dr. King; Dean Lawrence Carter of the MLK Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College; Dolores Huerta, contemporary of Cesar Chavez, and Alison Van Dyke.  Endorsements from world leaders such as: The Dalai Lama, and the late Dr. Robert Muller and Coretta Scott King, Vice President Al Gore, the former Director General of UNESCO, Jesse Jackson, C.T. Vivian, and A.T. Ariyaratne of Sri Lanka.

This program was Co-founded in 1998 by the Association for Global New Thought (AGNT), and Arun and Sunanda Gandhi of the MK Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. Campaign is convened and directed by the Association for Global New Thought led by AGNT President, Michael Bernard Beckwith.


Ethics for the New Millenium Study Course

Book Study • Key Concepts • Discussion Questions • Practice Exercises
• 9 Weeks or Sessions
Based on the revolutionary book by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, this self-organizing group course adapted, from a study guide created by the Dalai Lama Foundation, is perfect for church or community groups of any size. In each session, participants will review two chapters from, Ethics for the New Millennium as the starting point for an in-depth exploration of ethics in our own lives and how these can be applied to transformation in our communities.

The Bond: Build A Community of Oneness

Minister/Speaker Talk Content Outlines• Weekly Lessons • Working Group Study Guides • 7 Weeks
This program is based on Lynne McTaggart’s new book, The Bond, and focuses on the essential bond that unites us all as a means of strengthening our communities and helping us evolve to become a powerful change agents for local and global unity.

Beyond Forgiveness: The Wisdom of Atonement

Study Guide • Practices • Weekly Minister Lessons, Affirmation Cards, and Church Bulletin • 7 Weeks
This program is based on a book by Phil Cousineau called Beyond Forgiveness: Reflections on Atonement. The course is dedicated to demonstrating that atonement can be the missing key to long-lasting reconciliation in both personal relationships and on the collective level.


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