New LinkedIn Profile Pros & Cons

I have received a newsletter from Joan Stewart which has given me many tips in the last few years.  She came recommended by our own local P.R. Coach – Stephanie Slater here in Victoria.

It was this following article that prompts me to share her contact info for her programs.

From her recent newsletter:

The profiles of most LinkedIn users already have been switched over to the new look.
The pros:

–It includes a bigger profile photo. If yours isn’t perfect, you need to replace it with a better one, or get a new one taken.

–Under your profile, there’s a new “Contact Info” button that looks like a Rolodex card. It opens up to display a variety of ways people can contact you. I included my work phone number, Skype number, email address and Twitter link. This is also the place where your website URL and three websites of your choice are listed. (More about this below.)

–The full synopsis of all the places where you’ve worked, and the schools you’ve attended, is gone.

The cons:

–People have to work hard to find your website URL. I like the “Contact Info” button because it’s a convenient place to list your phone number. But I hate the fact that the website address is hidden. Here’s a workaround: Include your URL in your all- important headline, the summary that’s next to your photo. You can also mention it when describing your job experience.

–All the recommendations are still there, but the total number is missing. What’s the point?

–LinkedIn, please bring back the Events feature.

There are many more changes, and you can review them all when your profile switches over.

Click to go to Joan’s site to check out her offerings.


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