Amazing Halloween Party Friday Night for everyone except for the neighbours

Friday at 6 p.m. I noticed the colored strobe lights flickering across the road.  My thought, “There’s another party!”  Quickly forgotten as the sounds became background white noise until bedtime.  Now the strobe lights are replaced by yelling.  Looking out the window I am in awe!  Hundreds of kids exiting single file and filling up the streets and yards  with two officers continuing to herd the kids out to ensure the party is over and everyone leaves.

Three things that I noticed, the number of kids is unbelievable, they are  in costumes and under dressed, and they didn’t want to leave.  They stood around watching, trying to go back!   So amazed by the unfamiliar scene I showed my family.

Three days later in the mail is an unsigned note together with a photocopy of our bylaws.  Reading the note, I recognize the same amusement I felt at watching the party and witnessing the process work (police being called, stopping the party and ensuring the kids safety) is absent and is replaced with annoyance.   It’s content brings up questions, of how would they know some of this information and did they talk with the renters or owners directly first.   Not having a contact name or signature I cannot share that I have a different perspective.  One that I  would rather discuss my concerns directly with the renters of the property,  the owners or even this person leaving me the note,   to hear better what was going on for them.  I am not receptive to receiving a strategy to condemn and punish.  I believe right and wrong is the old consciousness that we are currently experiencing as falling apart.  If we want change in my opinion, it will come when we are able to hear and to be heard without moralistic judgments and expressing value judgments.

The  note goes:

Please read regarding out of control parties at ________Road.

Please let the Bylaw Enforcement know if you were disturbed by the party at 3200   ____Road on Oct. 26.

They will fine the tenants/owner if 2 or more complaints and keep a record.

Also note, there are  more than   4 unrelated people in the home.  Bylaw 8200.

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