Changing schools is a strategy, not a solution!

The first child in school and starting to recognize that our needs for this child are not being met  in this environment through our experience with other parents and their children’s behavior and how our parental concerns are being processed by the school administration.

Having been a child that relocated with fathers work a number of times, changing schools for my own children wasn’t an easy option.  Therefore I called a peer for empathy who had shared parent/child development in the community.  I heard how this parent had the strategy of moving their children around school to school rather than address the issues and never found one that met their own needs for their child.  Later the child came back and discussed with them how they resented the fact that they changed schools so many times.

Just saying ……….maybe it’s time to start talking about what we want for our children and exploring ways of modelling it.  Other children, other parents, teachers, administrators are not the enemies.    School isn’t an it, it is made of up people.  How do we speak a language to beginning connecting to the values we share?


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