‘This pic & reflection appeared in my facebook feed and it stimulates me!’

These reflections without emphasis on what else is needed like the tools to create it in alive situations can become a source of idealism in my opinion. It is not simply sitting in meditation! In meditation there is also dharma (learning/education) which sometimes also cannot be taken into alive experiences of connecting to others. I believe west needs to integrate east in away that gives them the tools to experience it.

I believe if we teach each child to understand why they are behaving the way they are,  while reflecting back to them in a way that they feel seen, heard and beautiful just the way they are, this is what will bring peace in the next generation! It will take modelling and teaching from us, the adults in this generation,  a feelings literacy (that shows them feelings are okay and healthy), how to form a sentence that includes that feeling to connects it to what is important in them and how to hear what important to the other person. When they recognize that their feelings are stimulated by whats important to them,  they begin to understand their own behavior. It’s a starting point for a dialogue and empowers them and not diminishes them so that they act out and take it out in other relationships. It’s time for us as adults to learn beyond what we know and expect  so that we can educate our children for change in the next generation.


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