Chronic Pain

Feldenkrais® Method Research

Patients who had been experiencing chronic pain participated in a six-week Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) course. Results included significant increases mobility accompanied by significant decreases in pain both immediately following the course, and in a one-year follow-up. Patients also reported less depression and anxiety, and an improved ability to relax.

Dearman, D. and Shafarman, S. The Feldenkrais Method in the Treatment Awareness Through Movement of Chronic Pain: A Study of Efficacy and Cost Effectiveness. American Journal of Pain Management, 1999; 9:22-27.

Phipps, A. and Lopez, Ron. A functional Outcome Study on the Use of Movement Re-Education in Chronic Pain Management. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Physical Therapy, Forest Grove, Oregon. May, 1997.


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