Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations

Today in the West is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.  Our today is Japan’s tomorrow.    A group dedicated to peace will be called in each country in the world as a peace prayer with a mantra of May Peace Prevail On Earth .   To join the call in and/or to add your prayer find out more at link.  This is the lengthy list of countries:

1. Afghanistan
2. Albania
3. Algeria
4. Andorra
5. Angola
6. Antigua and Barbuda
7. Argentina
8. Armenia
9. Australia
10. Austria
11. Azerbaijan
12. The Bahamas
13. Bahrain
14. Bangladesh
15. Barbados
16. Belarus
17. Belgium
18. Belize
19. Benin
20. Bhutan
21. Bolivia
22. Bosnia and Herzegovina
23. Botswana
24. Brazil
25. Brunei Darussalam
26. Bulgaria
27. Burkina Faso
28. Burundi
29. Cambodia
30. Cameroon
31. Canada
32. Cape Verde
33. The Central African Republic
34. Chad
35. Chile

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