All boundaries originate in the heart

All boundaries originate in the heart.

all lines drawn on maps
are first drawn in the heart.
separations occur deep inside of us.
Where do you and I draw the line?
The line makes strangers of us.
That is how we judge, separate, segregate.
That is how we grow apart, become isolated and lonely.
Nothing kills like the line through our heart.
At first the others die, but eventually so will we.
Disdain, disgust and hatred are expensive.
The new world requires of us
that we smooth out our hearts, 
so that they can be crossed
like rolling wheatfields of nourishment without fences,
that we transform our minds
into meadows on which everyone can gather
to celebrate everyone else,
that we ourselves become gardens of plenty for the hungry,
festivals of joy for the downtrodden,
and a refuge for those in need.
Refuse to become smallminded,
object to turning your heart into a pit of distrust,
refuse to be counted when once again the destroyers seek
whom they can count on their side.
It is time
to see the world as if from space, without boundaries,
because the time of empires and dominions is past.
It is time for the international adventure of love.
‘Ulrich Schaffer’

Shared by Friedel Kloke-Eibl – Star of Peace, a Sacred Dance Weekend – April 20th, in Victoria, B.C.


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