‘Alive’ by Ulrich Schaffer

Shared with participants at Star of Peace, A Sacred Dance weekend with Fridel Kloke-eibl:

A future is coming,
when not only a few, but most will realize
the value of caring for the inner being,
that has been neglected for too long.

There the bottom line will not be financial
but the health of the soul.
Profits will take the backseat to personal growth
and security will be measured in meaningful relationships
and not in retirement income.

Let us put our value where life takes place
and open up to each other,
to the unfolding of what might be possible
to the spread of healing in body, soul and spirit,
to the miracle of the expansion of god in our life.

There is no substitute for being truly alive.
Let us reject the offers
that expect us to relinquish
what we have known to be true, deep inside.

This is our life,
the only one we have to steer and guide.

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