Hands Across the Sands – Annual Willows Beach Gathering

This years event is scheduled for Saturday, May 16, ’15

Victoria holds hands to make a powerful message;

“Yes” to clean, renewable energy!

The Movement Started In Florida on Saturday, February 13, 2010.  Thousands of Floridians representing 60 towns and cities and over 90  beaches joined hands to protest the efforts by the Florida Legislator  and the US Congress to lift the ban on oil drilling in the near and off shores of Florida. Florida’s Hands Across The Sand event was the largest  gathering in the history of Florida united against oil drilling.  Thousands joined hands from Jacksonville to Miami Beach and Key West to  Pensacola Beach, each against oil drilling in Florida’s waters….  Willows Beach, 2011 Victoria participates in June, 2010

Renee Lindstrom, Guy Dauncey & Lisa Cole

 Caring Community of Victoria

For more information on our local event,
visit our Facebook Page or contact Willows Beach
Event coordinators Renee Lindstrom or Lisa Cole at

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