Labyrinth Nature Walk – Saturday, June 16, 2012

Corunum Centre Labyrinth Walk

Join us, Louise Taylor and I, Saturday, June 16th @ 10:00 a.m.

Labryinth Walk at the Corunum Centre

The Labyrinth at the Corunum Centrefondly known as The Yurt, in West Saanich was laid by June Wattsfrom when she came to share Circling Dancing with Louise Taylor and our Victoria community.  The year she came the celebration focus for the year was on labyrinths.

Join us for a morning Labyrinth walk in an atmosphere that is contemplative and harmonious. Walking the seven-circuit stone path of the labyrinth becomes an opportunity for quieting the mind and checking inside in a deeper way.

Entering a labyrinth at one opening and walking the path spiraling inward and doubling back and forth on itself as it leads you to the center that could reflect your inner center and grounding in the peace and harmony before following it out again. Walking is at a comfortable pace without hurry.

Explore a walk through the labyrinth after a few mindfully focused body connection exercises the Feldenkrais Way. Integrate this support with a quieting your mind awareness exercises to find a calmer and deeper sensory connection.

To register in advance or for any questions – email

By Donation – Recommended – $8.00

Directions to The Yurt at 5990 Old W. Saanich Road – MAP 

Directions: Follow Old West Saanich Road between Oldfield and West Saanich Road and you will find a small street called Killdeer marked with a peace pole at the entrance. Turn in here and park toward the left around the turnabout or park on Killdeer.

A comment from May’s labyrinth walk:

I am so grateful that my heart was open and my feet were grounded and shoulders were down after our labyrinth experience this morning.  Marg


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