Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations

At the 2010 Willows Beach Victoria Hands Across the Sands I had the pleasure of meeting a  Vancouver Islander,  Renate Herberger, who describes herself as a marine activist whose purpose is to raise awareness for oceanic conservation.  I recently met up with Renate for a walk and learned more about her passion for our oceans and marine life that includes her amazing and creative long distance swimming journey’s to bring recognition to our oceans.  We agreed to meet up at the Children’s Zoo entrance of Beacon Hill park to enjoy the Camus blooms together.  Waiting for Renate I happened to take some pictures of a  male peacock as he came up to me showing off his bright colors.  As Renate came up I noticed the same wonderful hue and color palette in her attire as the peacock!  I suspected a colorful personality and I wasn’t disappointed.

Renate has swum the full length of Costa Rica as part…

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  1. I really enjoyed this good news story and hope to see you and
    Renate at the Hands across the Water at Willows Beach.
    Thank You

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