Swan Lake – Urban Nature Walks

Sunday, May 13 

10:00 – 11:30 a.m. 

Reflective guided walk by Walk-Victoria’s contribution to the 15th Season for Gandhi, King Chavez Season for Nonviolence2.5 K Trail, The marsh around Swan Lake provides good habitat for many birds and small animals, including muskrat, river otter and mink. They make their homes in the rock walls, marsh grasses and cattails beside the lake. Swan Lake’s water comes from a large watershed to the north and the east, which includes Blenkinsop Lake. The water drains west from the lake into the Colquitz River and drains into the Pacific Ocean at Portage Inlet.Meet in Parking Lot – See map

Value Reflection – Healing

By Donation – for development, contribution and support*Cultivating Peace Walks – Inspired by 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Peace and Nonviolence – more at www.agnt.org
Renee Lindstrom – Task Force – 15th Gandhi, King, Chavez Season for Nonviolence


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