Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations

Paying tribute to a pioneer of a grassroots culture that is now receiving meaningful recognition of what we are beginning to hold dear during  Earth Day celebrations, Emily Carr!  Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, Emily Carr resting place speaks volumes for those noticing.

As a parent volunteer driver you travel,  take part and learn  the most interesting fun facts on your children’s  field trips.  One of ours was to Emily Carr’s graveside.  For those of you outside of Victoria, B.C. and Canada, Emily Carr is one of our treasured early artists of B.C. Coastal scenes.  Many of which reflect our provinces aboriginal earth stories connecting animals, land, and man through their spirits.

Long before the graveside plaques acknowledging Emily now, there where none when we walked up.  She was anonymous to anyone not knowing her resting place and simply placed in a shared family grave.  Standing beside it we…

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