Breathing with Spine Support

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Cultivating Awareness through ATM focused upon Breathing

‘Breathing with Spine Support’

If you haven’t already take a moment and follow the gentle guidance in ‘Getting yourself ready to notice your breathing’.  This simple lesson will prepare you for deepening your attention in the present moment in order to shift your focus into present perception.

“Remember to slow down, pause between movements and only do 20% of your full movement ability”

In sitting on a firm surface begin to notice how you are sitting on your sit bones.

  •  Can you feel your sit bones?  If not place your right hand under the weight of your right buttock and notice if you feel a sharp bone poking into it.  Now switch sides and check out your left sit bone.
  • With this felt sense awareness of your two sit bones, now notice what side your are holding your upper body weight in sitting.  Right side?, or left?
  • Shift your weight gently from side to side a few times, 3 or 4, and pause between each movement.  Notice where you are supporting your weight now.
  • Come back shifting your weight from side to side and notice your feet on the floor.  How do you sense the weight in your feet as you softly shift your upper body weight.

Pause and notice yourself in sitting now.  Notice if you have stopped breathing to focus on the movement.  

  • Come back now and begin to gently shift your weight on your sit bones forward and back a few times.  Notice if this is easier or more difficult than shifting from side to side.   Pause between each movement pattern.
  • Sense your upper body in the same way as before.  Moving side to side you noticed if your weight shifted to the right and left.  Now begin to notice how your upper body responds with shifting your weight forward and back on your sit bones.
  • As you take your go back on your sit bones begin to let your belly relax and expand.  Keep it soft as you go back on your sit bones, yet pay attention to letting it completely go as you go backward on your sit bones.

Pause and notice yourself in sitting now.  Where is your attention going.    

  • Come back and gently begin to shift your weight forward and back on your sit bones and begin to alternate your breathing pattern.
  • As you go forward breathe in and as you go back release your breathe.
  • Remember to keep your belly soft and let it go as you go back on your sit bones.
  • Repeat 3 or 4 times and pause for a few breathes and begin again 3 or 4 times.

Pause and notice yourself in sitting now.

  • Once again come back alternating forward and back with your breath letting your upper posture soften and relax into the this movement.
  • Now as you go back begin to let your your upper body slouch slightly as you exhale letting your spine round.
  • As you come forward inhale and let your upper body arch forward slightly as you inhale.
  • Alternate 3 or 4 times, pause and notice yourself now.
  • Come back once and again alternating forward and back while noticing the position of your head.
  • Begin to let your chin drop forward slight and look down as you exhale and as you inhale take your chin up and look towards the ceiling.  Remember little movements! If you are unable to unlock your neck and head to tilt slightly forward and back go to next step and then come back and notice any changes.
Pause and notice yourself now in sitting.  Where is your attention going?
  • Come back and alternate going forward and back now and notice any differences.  Continue to soften your head position unlocking it.  
  • As you shift your weight back on your sit bones you breathe out letting your upper body round softening your belly and letting it expand.  Now as you breathe out with the smallest of movements begin to separate your shoulder blades.  Letting them go on an in breathe.
  • Continue to focus this movement following your out breathe  3 or 4 times.  Exhale, round and separate your shoulder blades away from each other.
  • Pause and notice yourself now.  Come back and begin to bring your shoulders together slightly on an in breathe.  As you take your weight forward on your sit bones arch slightly, breathe in and bring your shoulder blades slightly together.  Repeat 3 or 4 times with a focus upon breathing in. 
  • Pause and notice yourself for a few breathes.  Come back and now alternate between the two 3 or 4 times.

Stop, keep it simple and notice yourself  now.  Notice your chest as you breathe.  Where do you sense any movement that could be different from before you started.  NOTICE the quality of sitting now.

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