Positions of Consciousness from an NVC perspective

Power Over/Under – Win/Lose or Lose/Lose or Power With – Win/Win
  • What type of mind world would you like to nurture in your thinking?
Scarcity verse Abundance
  • Not enough to go around, or more than enough to go around
  • Can’t have what you want of you can have what you need and so can others
Pain versus Joy/Relief/comfort/Pleasure/Vitality
  • Pain is context for life, joy and contentment are context for life
  • Result is addictions and numbing behavior or presence and self fulfilling behaviours
Conflict/Struggle versus Ease/Harmony/Peace
  • Life is a struggle, effort and hard work or Life is a gift with joy, aliveness and play
  • Pay for it, no pain, no gain or grow and enjoy it
  • Pain, alienation from life or sense of connection with all
Low Self Value versus High Self Value
  • Worthless verse self value and empowerment
  • Feeling false versus trust in oneself
  • Defective versus feelings of wholeness
Danger versus Safety
  • World is not a safe place versus world is a safe place
  • Low or no trust versus high trust in life
  • Wary vigilant or relaxed
  • Needs a safe environment versus operating on inner safety


Join us at Oneness Wednesday this evening to find out more!  April is Nonviolent communication Awareness Month.  This evenings presenter is Laurel Collins and she will be sharing the topic – Beyond Right and Wrong Doing!

Find us at Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street at 7 p.m.

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