April is Nonviolent Communication Awareness Month in Victoria

Wednesday kicked off April’s awareness campaign for sharing Nonviolent Communication in Victoria, B.C.   Our guest presenter for the evening was Sister and Chaplain Judi Morin.

Judi began learning and sharing NVC in 1999 with a group at Albert head Prison.  She expressed how she and a friend had signed up for one of  Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s workshops offered in Victoria and arriving at it she decided she already knew it and left! She did however purchase his book, Nonviolent Communication.  Reading it she realized that she really didn’t know it after all.  She came up with a strategy and approached a group of men at our local  prison to inquire if they would like to learn it with her.  Fourteen men signed up.  Today there is an ongoing group at the prison!  Hearing this our group expressed their congratulations back to Judi!

The Victoria Church of Truth  had  experienced interest in their offerings of  Nonviolent Communication and invited our NVC community to share a series during their April Oneness Wednesday’s.  We did have a large turn out of interested community members.  Sister Judi Morin began this Wednesday night series introducing Nonviolent Communication with a focus on relationships.

She  walked us through a process of connecting in dialogue that brings awareness to noticing how to shift focus to take responsibly in communicating  with each other.  To give us a tangible experience of this she   shared an exercise she created in the 90’s in this same community church, the Victoria Church of Truth,  and how it has since traveled the world coming  back to it origins.  It is an exercise she has called, “Joe and Mollie.”  It is a process to give a physical felt experience of our minds thinking and typically reactive behavior based upon these thoughts.  Judi loves to create exercises to bring life to  experiencing Nonviolent Communication.  So much so she has co-written a book called, the  NVC Toolkit.  It is designed  for those wishing to host NVC practice groups with a role of facilitating.

Judi modeled NVC  action that gave her audience choices and a sense of involvement in the evenings process that complimented the simplicity of learning through experiencing NVC .  As the evening progressed this was reflected in the audience by the decrease of burning issues needed to be shared and everyone appeared to show a deeper interest in what they where hearing.

The evening ended with appreciation and connection and a wonderful way to begin this series and to end a full evening!  Next Wednesday the topic will be, ‘Beyond Right and Wrongdoing,’ and presented by local Laurel Collins.  It will be at 7:00 p.m. at the Church of Truth, 111 Superior Street.

2 responses to “April is Nonviolent Communication Awareness Month in Victoria

  1. Renee Lindstrom

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    Nonviolent Communication: A Language for Shifting A Planet into Peace

  2. Renee Lindstrom

    Dear Renee
    Thanks so much for all you did to make this month a gift towards peace for our planet. I know that takes a lot of detailed preparation and I experienced things running so smoothly which certainly made it so easy for me. I especially loved that when the breakout groups went, you simply organized the leaders for me.
    Did you have any time to sleep last night? I notice that you sent this article before 7:00 and you had to have written it before that. Thanks. I enjoyed the dynamism of your writing. I eagerly read on and while doing so found myself reliving last evening.
    Love and gratitude.

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