Beloved Relationship “Tips”

When we haven’t been able to express our personal perferences and choices in a way that they have been held equally by ourselves and the one who matters the most, a tear appears in the fabric of our intimacy.  Renee Lindstrom
Exploring some ways to connect and express honestly for increasing the experiences of  vulnerability and intimacy in our beloved relationship will add value into the quality of our whole relationship.
 This week imagine beginning to make a personal choice to not respond back to you beloved so quickly and habitually.   Choose to begin to reflect upon what has been stimulated within you and identify the feelings that are coming up.
Pause, stop for a moment and notice what comes up for you when you even consider checking inwardly in this way.  Ask yourself what is it that your feeling?  vulnerable?  Are you needing safety?  Take your time this week and find ways that your increase your sense of safety.   A walk in nature, a conversation with a good friend, an empathy session with an empathy buddy, music you love……

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