Learning in our first families of how to manage relationships is important. This is were bullying begins.

Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations

A mother and daughter are standing in an aisle in a big box store on one of two visits a year.  It is daughters birthday and she has requested to pick up some birthday supplies.  Mom has back to isle and deep in conversation with daughter and doesn’t notice daughters smile or pay attention to her say,  “hi,” to someone as they are passing behind her.  What does bring her attention is the shift her daughters body language and tone of urgency come into her voice as she tells her mom, “Don’t move!”  Your sister is walking by us.  Mom is  startled as daughter goes on to say that her sister just walked by and only nodded her head and without a smile in response to her greeting.  Shock and disbelief settle in as recognition there isn’t even a well wishes for her daughter’s birthday.  She knows  there couldn’t be…

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