Emphatic listening, witnessing and recognition are valuable relationship skills to heal a culture bringing reconciliation one person at a time!

Greater Victoria for Peace & Intercultural Celebrations

The power of a personal story came alive.  It started with a presentation unusual for me with such a strong desire to share something private that it overrode caution.   Kept casual and simple it was an introduction to early family history.   A statement that I was born into a “relationship” that was over and unloving prior to my birth  that took 35 years of my life time to end.  That this created the environment for only experiencing  pain, struggle and suffering.  Once ended both parents passed over within a years time.  One ending their own life and the other through illness

The focus of this sharing went on to reflecting this experience in future primary relationships,  yet what happened next brought this alive in a new way.  It expanded the  limits of my own personal view  that I now recognize was a limited perspective.  A perspective based upon the…

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