The first part in becoming friendly with anger begins with understanding it’s function

#1 – Anger usually covers up feelings that we want to protect.

For example if we are overlooked for a promotion at work deep down we may be feeling disappointed, hurt, and possibly annoyed and not ready to share this even with ourselves therefore what we might notice is anger.  Processing the news of not being chosen we may cycle into thinking in what could be called “enemy images, ”  to protect our feelings.  We begin to think about something being done to us, or begin thinking of ourselves as not being good enough.

#2 – Anger indicates that something is happening that we are not in alignment with.  

For example,  a parent of two children may become angry witnessing one child dominate the other by acting in a bullying way.  This could be a trigger for the parent who reacts in anger to protect what is dangerous.   In this case the parent has a need for emotional and physical safety for both children.

#3 – Anger is to get us out of danger, fast!

Anger is an inherent human function to stimulate us into action.  Imagine the adrenaline that runs through your body when you get angry.  The next time you notice yourself becoming angry make a point of checking out how your muscles begin to respond, how you breath and the power you feel.  You need this to get yourselves and others out of danger.  If your child was crossing the street and a car was coming, this anger is useful for you to act immediately to get that child out-of-the-way of the car.

The second part is becoming friendly with anger is be willing to recognize your anger versus being angry  for more, go to  link 


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