DAVID ZEMACH-BERSIN, Advanced Trainer of Feldenkrais® Method, on Balance and Fear of Falling

In Body and Mature Behavior, Moshe Feldenkrais draws brilliant parallels between the similarity of our reaction to the fear of falling, the withdrawal of an organism from a strong stimulus, and the body pattern of anxiety.

When we adapt or habituate to this neuromuscular and skeletal pattern, our involuntary nervous system becomes sympathetic dominant, creating a state of internal stress. In addition, there is a simultaneous inhibition of the anti-gravity muscles. This chronic muscular contraction, influences the sensation behind every movement, and creates a pervasive feeling of difficulty and effort. Our everyday ‘in the moment’ experience is effected; emotionally, psychically, physiologically and cognitively.

Victoria Class starting January 16th – Balance and a Fear of Falling

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