Mindful Awareness in Relationships


7:00 P.M. – 10:00 P.M.

Developing mindful awareness in our connections with others begins with understanding and clarity of our own actions and reactions while becoming aware of what is going on for the other person. What is the action that they are reacting to causing them to disconnect from being present and open with you and why are they reacting? If you wonder why this would be of benefit to you, pause a moment and consider if you are feeling fulfilled and satisfied with your connections. Are you giving and receiving in a way that you and the other person is experiencing a sense of empowerment? Begin to explore what it means to shift beyond exclusion in your conversations into the experience of inclusion.

This series of 4 evenings will focus partially upon fundamental basic skills of some conversational steps to reach connection with yourself and another. It will include deepening listening skills, and introducing techniques for introducing you to experiences of being in the present moment. The purpose of this is to increase your conscious memory and capacity to build upon this experience by beginning to notice your unconscious habits that are possible cause for a disconnect in your relationships.I resonate with something I believe I heard Michael Bernard Beckwith share recently through my own personal experience. It goes; Living in the past creates experiences of shame, quilt, vanity and embarrassment. The future creates experiences of fear and ambition. The present is where miracles can happen!Explore this moment of presence that is a potential in the model Marshall Rosenberg has stimulated through his evolution of Nonviolent Communication.
Registration information and RSVP with Renee @ 250-361-7508 or renee@insideawareness.com

Registration by November 1st – $52.00 for 4 nights, or $60.00 after November 1st.

      For more info –

Nonviolent Communication in Victoria face book pages some reasons why you may benefit from Intouch:

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