Putting yourself out there takes energy and more importantly, risk!

Getting ready for tonight’s cinema meet up here in Victoria,  reading the brochure for the short flick, Mary Anne Goes to the Market by Arielle Ford I read this quote by Ethan Cushing, Writer/Director:

My producer Jason Whisman  and I were talking about how it is so easy to go through life with your eyes on the sidewalk, living an insular bubble.  Connecting with others and putting yourself out there takes energy and more importantly, risk. 

I think we collectively have a philosophy that says we as humans can’t survive on our own.  We need to live in community with others and the rewards that come along with that are absolutely magical.  I know for myself anyway, that when I receive a handwritten card from a friend, or an extra smile from a barista, my day is exponentially brightened.  I think we often forget that we too have this power to affect others. 

(This is taken from the insert of the Spiritual Cinema Circle, 2011 Volume 5)

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