Inside Awareness approaches to experiencing the calming the pre-frontal cortex

Renee Lindstrom, April 28, 2011

The approach of body awareness techniques is a self-development skill that I have compared to mindfulness mediation, only it is focused upon our experience of movement in space.  This movement awareness takes us inside to notice how we have adapted to our inner environment, (supporting ourselves) and how this changes as we adapt to the changing outer environment.  Such as in walking, the outer environment is not stagnant, nor is our inner experience moving through it. 

Another technique currently exploring the brains responses and becoming aware of our reactions is through developing understanding of our personal perspective, how we receive and how we give back in relationships with ourself’s and others.   It may come as a surprise to us as we begin to realize that we are truly unique and there is not one other person on the planet that thinks, acts or feels life we do.  The conversations in our head predetermined our expectations of others and when they do not behave as we expected we are confused that they do not fit into these expectations. 

If you are reading this in connection to the Brain’s Brain article – Bringing this back to the pre-frontal cortex and the concept of the fast track that nurtures anxiety responses:

Both these technique are two ways of developing your own understanding of your body talk through the experience of it, becoming mindful through movement and through how we connect to ourselves and others in relationships.

I enjoy these two as they are the ones that speak to my values for independence and being an individual.  They are guided awareness building concepts that develop your inner confidence and support versus being prescribed forms of generalized, one fit’s all.  They both treat the participants as individuals and develop self discovery through developing curiosity skills.  When’s the last time you found the support to become curious, investigate and not need to find the answer yet let your experience guide you to more possibilities?


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