Brain’s Brain and Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais

Renee Lindstrom, April 28, 2011

Through Dr. Feldenkrais’s own personal experience, combined with his intellectual understanding, Dr. Feldenkrais began to understand the connections of John Arden, PhD discussed in his dialogue presentation decades ago.  For more see article – Brain’s Brain.

Dr. Feldenkrais only became a teacher of what he discovered through the encouragement of others.  Those recognizing the value of what he was sharing with his clients.  He took this path of self discovery to enrich his own life after an injury.  He was not happy with the diagnosis and potential outcome of surgery and decided to self-investigate.  This began his pursuit of understand the body’s mechanics.

I personally enjoyed the teaching I experienced through direct students of Dr. Feldenkrais for the simple reason of  learning through kinestic experience.   Not the type of learning I was exposed to through my school years.  I discovered a deeper connection and value in the material the school system was not able to achieve in their style of teaching.  For the first time I was  able to explore learning through a process of how I experience my world – the experience of seeing and sensing.  I visually see the overall picture and outcome and physically sense the immediate.  I will just share that it was a learning challenge until discovering this learning process and with the help of exploring the conditions of the environment and cycling inward, the values of Dr. Feldenkrais techniques and those of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s have reduced my resistance and avoidance strategies and have lit a fire within!


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