“We act,” said Moshe Feldenkrais, “In accordance with our self-image.”

How we see ourselves is how we act in the world.

Opening night for a new series on Relationships , the first exercise as participants came in was to have them write down on separate pieces of paper  labels to describe who they are;  mother, wife, sister, career title, etc.  Each paper was put into a box and put at the front door and left to be picked up on the way out.

We then began simply introducing ourselves by choosing words that represented values that were important to us in this present moment.    Values such as trust, support, inclusion, safety, ease, comfort and each of us had different values important to us that we chose.   As each of us held these words up to share  I noticed each of us had a more quiet and genuine connection meeting for the first time.  There was a softening in how we received each other as we  made an individual connection to others in the room.

Leaving,  I asked how it was to write labels of who we are and each person mentioned it wasn’t an easy or enjoyable task.  I asked if there was a difference in how they experienced themselves inside their bodies as they went from one task to the next.  Answers came back as yes and they affirmed the  second task had a deeper inner connection and relaxation.

Imagine now if we looked at this through our body talk, our posture.  See you in class!


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